Why Lely CANopen?

According to this assessment, Lely CANopen is
extensive, feature-rich, of high code-quality, configurable and well documented.


Everything you need for industrial applications, such as automatic configuration and firmware updates. All compliant with the CiA standards.

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High code-quality

We compile without warnings, run a test suite on every build in the CI/CD pipeline and use half a dozen static code analyzers.


Everything is optional, both at compile time and runtime, making it no problem to run the stack on a microcontroller with only 32 kB RAM.

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Well documented

Every function in the API is fully documented. And a C++ tutorial is available to get you started.

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Used in the field

… every day, by thousands of robots, on farms in dozens of countries. And soon at sea and in space!

100% free

Open source and free to use, for any purpose. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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